Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cupped or Flat????

I really don't want to interfere too much, but I thought I would step in and answer this question. Should your motif be cupped or flat? The answer is flat. There are two reasons your motif would cup, one is that the picots are not the correct length (they should measure 1/4"), if the picots are too long you will get a 3D effect, the other reason is tension is too tight on the outer chains.


  1. Thank you for clarifying this, Sherry. Now to decide how to remedy mine. Thank your for hosting and sharing what I know will be a good pattern. Karen in OR

  2. I was thinking my chains must be too tight. I will have to start over I think. Thanks for letting us know Sherry.

  3. Thanks for clarifying! I pulled on the picots along the sides of the hexagon to stretch them, and now it lies much flatter.


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