Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TIAS Day 1

Greetings from tomorrow in Vladivostok, Russia! :)

This is Kristen, originally from Iowa, USA but living in Vlad with my husband and puppy on orders from the US State Department. I am a semi-converted needle tatter--I learned needle tatting in 2005, picked it back up in 2009, and just taught myself the shuttle this past summer...

 I have actually had the pleasure of starting this TIAS twice, because I made a classic math mistake while "climbing out" of the first ring...
You can read the full story on my blog, Tatting All Over the Place.

Take my advice...for the climbing picot, use a 1/4" gauge...otherwise you'll get the long stem on the left rather than (what I assume is correct) on the right:

 My thread is a beige Size 20 Coats Cadena Chain Mercer Crochet that I picked up when we were living in Honduras. (You can read that story on my other blog.)

As I said on my blog, so far I have absolutely no idea what this is going to be.

My best guess is that the first ring (on the bottom) is an eye...why? Why not!

Can't wait for Day 2! :)


  1. Hey! That's the same gauge I use!! (I left my tatting bag behind somewhere yesterday and had to wing it for day one)

    Well done!

    1. Thanks! I actually have two gauges, but seem to have misplaced my other (and I like this one better, anyway! :)

  2. My picots are extra long. I used the picot gauge vertically for 1/2" picots instead of horizontally for 1/4" picots. Sherry posted elsewhere that the 1/4" picots are the correct height - so nice job!

    1. Eh, I figured I wouldn't be the only person to do that if I didn't give out a warning! :)


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