Monday, September 23, 2013

TIAS Day 1

Hi! Carrie from Chicago, IL, USA here. I have made a point of not looking at previous posts until after I post this. Instead, I went back to my Learn to Tat book and started on split rings. Then I looked up climbing out with mock picots. 

I am using DMC Cebelia size 20 in white. I've only been tatting for nine months, so please, be gentle.

Well, here it is:

Tomorrow I hope to have my picot gauge back so I have to wing it until then. I will not even hazard a guess as to what it is, but I am so excited to be taking part in this!


  1. Looks good. I have to start mine!

  2. Looks good! I'm glad you are brave enough to do a TIAS. This is my first TIAS. Have fun!

  3. Thanks, Fredi and Natalie! I'm excited to see what the next piece brings!


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