Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 7

Here is the mysterious day 7.  Could it be the tail of a bird?  I really have no idea, but everybody sure has a good imagination with their guesses.
Mary Beth, Fort Worth TX.


  1. Hi Mary Beth,

    I see a pretty lamb glowing in those beautiful thread colors. Very nice tatting!

    Yes, it can be the tail of a bird. Maybe the bird wanted to be a lamb so bad that her tail curved into that shape. When she's standing she can turn her head, shake that tail and in her mind, she's a lamb. She gets so excited that she flaps her wings and flies away. Great guess!!

    I can tell you're loving this TIAS, too. :o)

  2. The way you have your piece positioned, looks like a little lamb's head outline??????
    I love the colorof your thread.


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