Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 8

Well it's official and I'm going to have to reveal that BC3 has left and that I have absolutely NO imagination.  I haven't a clue what this is going to be so I may as well just retire from Tat Land as a miserable old failure!!!


  1. Jane you and your BC3 are awesome...don't give up. Sherry has come up with a marvelous way of keeping us all guessing.

  2. im having a horrible time with this floating onion ring thing havent done one before and its not working for me..... but i like yours the colors are almost like mine so i know what its supposed to look like now lol

  3. Jane,
    You silly old git
    You give me a fit
    No! No! No! Don't you dare go away.
    You must stay
    You must play.
    You must, you must, you must I say!

    :-) Sarah

  4. Ha ha Jane! A taste of your own medicine! :)


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