Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hello friends, as most of you know I am on vacation visiting my husband. As a family we had been seperated for 93 days and we still have a few more months to go. So we found a short window where we can be together to catch up and celebrate all our upcoming birthdays. I have very limited access to the internet currently so please bear with me. As far as day six, the written pattern says there is a picot and apparently (I am unable to view it) the diagram is missing the picot. Yes, there is a picot and please accept my apologies for the oversight. To be honest I am surprised I have any brain left whatsoever after being a single mom for the last three months to a highly energetic toddler on top of all the other craziness in my life. But the little brain matter I have left is clearly defective...LOL!

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  1. LOL...I did look at the diagram and was 'in the zone' making the 4 repeats, so it seems I have made the 'picot' in question. Often for one picot it doesn't matter too much for a join, as you can pull out the top of a double stitch slightly to make space (yep...I've missed picots in the past, esp on older patterns). Thanks for your work on this HUGE project Sherry, there is likely to be minor errors that get through in any written piece. Don't stress, it's all part of the fun :)


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