Friday, October 4, 2013

Margaret UK Day Four and Five.

Day Four

I am behind very behind but this is my TIAS,  I read on a blog that she stretched the sides and it laid flat,  so I tried,  it is flat around the sides but I have a little bump in the middle,  well I am treating it as flat,  Yes flat.
Day Five
Above my day four taken in what today is good light,   Day five taken a short while later the light well not so good.  I have no idea what it is I did think a vase then a box,  now I have no idea.
I am using Lizbeth thread Purple Splendor no 20
Have a good weekend.
Happy Tatting.

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  1. Pretty thread colour. I like the comment about 'flat'....I too stretched it a bit and have convinced myself it is 'flat' :) Let's all stick together on this definition :D


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