Thursday, October 17, 2013

TIAS Day 10 - Linda H in MD/MA

(Note:  My TIAS pieces have been tatted in MD and MA so please add Massachusetts to the TIAS Tatters Location List.  Thanks.)

While tatting each piece for day 10 I have seen a lamb sitting in a field, a John Deere tractor, Santa's new ride to deliver presents, a roller skate and some kinda buggy that might be seen at a fair or carnival.  I do believe it's the cutest little unknown thing I have ever seen.  They look much better in person.  I'm glad I didn't re-tat my first onion ring on the piece on the right because it represents the wackiness I sometimes experience not being able to figure out what we are tatting.  


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  2. kinda looks like a roller skate.

  3. Yes! I like the roller skate guess.
    I can see it clearly now
    But I misssed it before, somehow.

    Sarah :-)

  4. Hi Joyceaw4 & Sarah,

    A roller skate would be cool. At times I see many things and other times I only see a lamb. Weird, huh? lol


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