Monday, October 21, 2013

TIAS Day 11 - Linda H in MD

Mystery solved and on this blog, I'm probably the winner of the most wrong guesses but that's okay because I really enjoyed my first TIAS event.  A train... not a lamb or a boot or santa's new way of's The Piccadilly Express.  Even the name makes me smile.

My plan is to stiffen them and then, turn them into Christmas ornaments.  More are definitely in my future.
Sherry, kudos for sharing the cutest little wackiest ride ever! :o)
I enjoyed tatting along with everyone and hope you enjoy your little treasure(s) as much as I enjoy mine.

 Until we tat again...choooo choooo!  lol


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  2. Linda, they look lovely, and what a great idea for ornaments. I might just make some in Christmas colours too!

  3. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks, your train looks lovely, too. Just saw our bonus pattern and looking forward to figuring out how to tat those pieces. Your blog is full of information and I love it. Because of your tatted piece, I added "Mastering Tatting" by Lindsay Rogers to my Christmas Gift List. Happy Tatting!


Thank you for your wonderful comments!